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Throughout the world REHAU is synonymous with high quality, innovation and technical excellence.

As innovators in the design and development of superior window systems, REHAU have created - Tritec to combine form and functionality. And, for you, that means very visible benefits. REHAU-Tritec frames won't need painting and won't warp, rot or discolour. They're very secure and compliant with all relevant building regulations.

The REHAU-Tritec three-chamber design makes for greater thermal efficiency too, keeping your home warmer, keeping out draughts and with double-glazing, virtually halving outside noise levels.

By choosing New Look Window Systems who are in partnership with REHAU AG & Co. (Germany), you are selecting windows designed, developed and engineered to the highest possible standards of quality and performance.

And that expertise shows in every window and door.

So, all in all, with REHAU-Tritec 60mm windows and doors you can look forward to a better lifestyle all year round.

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Ecospecifier Global Verified

Ecospecifier - products:knowledge:solutions

Ecospecifier SA's aim is to help building professionals including architects, designers, builders and specifiers, as well as keen homeowners, to shortcut the eco and healthy materials sourcing process.

Its broader aim is to help create a more sustainable physical environment by increasing the use of environmentally preferable and healthy products, materials and design processes.

Designers today need to be mindful of the upstream and downstream implications of decisions in an economic, legal and ecological sense.

A range of new standards, including Green Star SA and the Cape Town Green Guidelines, are turning these drivers into tangible measuring tools in the market place.

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FEATURE: Sliding Patio Doors

New Look Windows offer a range of products including Doors and Windows. Below is one such product. All our products can be viewed here.

sliding patio doors
» Sliding Patio Doors

Allowing natural light to flood into any room, they offer the perfect vantage point for a great view of your garden or patio.

FEATURE: Residential Doors

New Look Windows offer a range of products including Doors and Windows. Below is one such product. All our products can be viewed here.

Residential doors
» Residential Doors

Superb finishes and outstanding functionality are features of our secure, elegant and virtually maintenance free doors.