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New Look Windows: uPVC Casement Windows


Casement Windows

Our casement windows offer combinations of fixed panes for uninterrupted views with top opening fanlights and side-opening casements for fire escapes. All designed to either match or improve the look of your home using our chamfered profile.


When it comes to windows, security is an important factor. The security features of our casement windows will bring you real peace of mind.
  • Key locking handles fitted as standard.
  • High security espagniolettes lock into the frame at 2 points. Windows can be locked securely into a vented position allowing air circulation.
  • Windows can be fitted with "trickle vents" allowing for ventilation whilst the windows are fully locked.
  • The robust multi-chambered uPVC construction has welded joints for added strength.
  • All frames are fixed using frame anchors and sealed using a Neutral Cure Silicone.

The Benefits of Double Glazing


Double glazing is a term used to describe a form of glazing for windows or doors. Double glazing consists of two panes of glass held apart by a metal spacer, trapping dehydrated air between them. These two panes of glass make up a sealed unit.

Double glazed units can be custom-made with various glass combinations, offering a wide range of insulation performance characteristics.

  • Double glazing insulates sound, making your home environment quieter and more peaceful.
  • Double glazing eliminates condensation.
  • Double glazing saves energy by halving the amount of heat conducted through windows, causing a reduction in heating bills.
  • Double glazing your windows and doors makes it more difficult for criminals to break in to your home.
  • Double glazing provides an obvious overall improvement to the comfort and appearance of your home.