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Keywords: uPVC Aluminium Timber Doors Windows
Q: Why should I use uPVC windows and doors rather than Aluminium or timber?

A: uPVC has been extensively used in the building industry around the world for many years, and is an ideal product for this application.

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Keywords: Advantages UPVC Coastal Seaside Maintenance Painting
Q: What are the advantages of uPVC windows & doors?

A: uPVC will not rot or corrode making it ideal for all areas especially coastal applications. It is virtually maintenance free, requires no painting or treatment.

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Keywords: Noise Reduction
Q: I live on a busy main road can your windows reduce the traffic noise?

A: YES. Our window system is designed for a double glazed unit, and with certain glass configurations we can achieve Sound Transmission Class (STC) ratings of 34. We have installed our system into many buildings both domestic and commercial in order to alleviate noise problems such as road and aircraft noise.

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Keywords: Durability Resistant Climate UV Ultra Violet
Q: The South African climate can be very harsh. How will this affect uPVC?

A: Rehau, the manufacturer of the extrusion, have had their product on test in the Arizona Dessert for over 20 years. Their product is resistant to ultra violet and is specially formulated to suit the South African climate.

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Keywords: Factory Manufactured Assembly Location South Africa Cape Town
Q: Where are the uPVC windows made?

A: The windows and doors are fabricated in our factory in Montague Gardens. The uPVC extrusion we use is manufactured by Rehau, a German based company with extrusion plants throughout the world.

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Keywords: Colours
Q: What colours are available?

A: It is a known fact that colour will fade in harsh conditions, which will effect powder coated and painted surfaces over time. Our windows and doors are coloured white throughout and are colour fast.

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Keywords: Installation Fitting Assembled Guarantee
Q: Can I fit the windows myself?

A: The windows and doors arrive on site complete and ready to install. However, as a responsible company we offer a ten year guarantee on our products and installation. We could not offer a similar guarantee if the installation was not completed by an approved installer. Should you wish to carry out your own installation, then we will supply fitting instructions.

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Keywords: Styles Flexibility Casement Tilt & Turn Fixed Sliders UPVC
Q: Are uPVC windows available in the same style as aluminium and timber?

A: There are very few limitations when using uPVC, in most cases we can use our systems to create the same style as aluminium or timber systems. We also have our own innovative designs, which are constantly being updated. The usual styles, casement, tilt and turn, fixed and sliders are all available using our uPVC system.

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Keywords: Guarantee 10 Years ten years
Q: Do you offer a guarantee?

A: New Look Window Systems offer a ten year guarantee on uPVC windows and doors.

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Keywords: Replacement windows new windows
Q: Can I replace my existing windows with your uPVC systems?

A: Our uPVC windows and doors are ideal as replacement, or for new-build projects.

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Keywords: Double Glazing Variations
Q: What type of glazing do you offer with your systems?

A: The Rehau profile is extruded to accept a glazing panel up to 20mm, so virtually any combination of single or double glazing can be used without any design change.

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We have been fabricating and installing uPVC windows and doors and double glazed systems both here in South Africa and in the UK since 1984.

Our vast experience and expertise gives us the confidence to guarantee our workmanship. Rehau, a well established world wide company also guarantee their products.

So together we will ensure that you have the very best that will serve you well for many years to come.



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