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Minimal Maintenance

Due to its closed, smooth surface their pristine appearance is simply maintained by occasional cleaning with a mild detergent, such as soapy water.

All hardware, gaskets, weather-strips and glazing can be easily replaced without removing the frame from the structure.


Rehau profiles have been designed specifically for our harsh climate and contain an ultraviolet inhibitor ensuring the windows remain colour fast.

In coastal areas the benefits of uPVC windows and doors are particularly applicable when fitted with stainless steel harddware.

uPVC frames do not rot, rust or corrode and never need painting or staining. As they do not absorb moisture - they will not warp, twist or split.

"Impact modified" uPVC is treated with special additives making the material extremely tough and durable.


uPVC frames have high thermal and acoustic insulation qualities. Double seals are used between the sash and the frame ensuring excellent weatherproofing. Thermal and acoustic performance can further be enhanced by the use of double glazed units.

Cost Effective

UPVC windows and doors are both long lasting and virtually maintenance free, making them the most cost-effective option material.

u-PVC Double Glazing

------------------- UPVC Double Glazed Window
  • 1. Quality Profile
    High gloss finish surface, high resistance to UV radiation and high impact strength.
  • 2. Multi-Chambered Profile
    Improved insulation against heat and noise.
  • 3. Dual Compression Seals
    Enhanced tightness against air, water, sound and thermal insulation.
  • 4. Glazing Rebate
    Able to accommodate double glazed unit to achieve high insulation against noise and heat.
  • 5. Steel Reinforcement
    Strength and rigidity.
  • 6. Welded Joints
    Fusion-welded frames and sashes impede leaks.
  • 7. Euro-groove
    Enable use of multi-locking gear to enhance security.

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FEATURE: Casement Windows

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casement windows
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Our casement windows offer combinations of fixed panes for uninterrupted views with top opening fanlights and side-opening casements for fire escapes.


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